I Dintorni

Hiking itineraries from Poggio al Sole

Before getting started

Our climate and territory are free from specific risks. However, we recommend keeping a prudent behaviour and taking a few simple precautions before starting the hike.

Poggio Pratone
Itinerary 1st : Poggio Pratone

Itinerary 2nd : Montesenario

Itinerary 3rd : Fiesole

Itinerary 4th : Ortaglia

Clothing: hiking shoes, hiking stick (or a classic woodstick), long socks to the knees are highly recommendable, if not compulsory, to be worn with long trousers.
According to the season, a jacket or a hat may be useful to protect yourself from the sunshine.

Weather: always check the weather conditions prior to departure. The area sees a typical Mediterranean weather, however, some days in winter can be very cold, while in summer extreme temperatures can be reached.

Food: at least 1 lt water per person. Some itineraries do not offer water or food along the trail. Always carry food with you, like lunch box or sandwiches.

Orienteering: all itineraries are prepared by experts and are minutely described and complemented with map. Nonetheless, neither the authors nor your accomodation facility shall be considered responsible for occasional lack of signals.












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